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However, I remember from previous years, that every back-to-school season brings its own set of challenges and adjustments, however once we are a few weeks into the routine, things run smoothly. This year, we have a 5th grader, 3rd grader and kindergartener – and I plan on doing “homeschool preschool” with the littlest (- but more about his adventures later.)

As a mom of many, here are:

My best homework tips for parents with tired kids!

  • Dedicate a space to do homework. Preferably outside of TV viewing and too many other distractions.
    • Our kids sit at our kitchen table, which over the years has become our homework/ craft table. When school’s in session, I keep it clutter-free.
  • Keep a fully stocked homework station with school supplies, paper, math aids(cubes, counters, rulers etc.) near the homework space.
    • Our homework station has everything any of our school-aged kids need to do their tasks and it is a rolling cart – again, in order to keep their work area free of distractions. (Watch for post coming SOON!)
  • Set up a routine that works with your family’s schedule, your children’s energy level and attention span, modify as needed.
    • It takes a few weeks for everyone to get in a routine of being back in school. Once you have adjusted to getting up early and the new bedtimes, assess your homework routine to see if any changes are necessary.
    • (Gauge by the number of meltdowns per kid per hour… and you will quickly see whether or not your current routine is working! – Remember to account for your own meltdowns too… ha ha ha).
  • When you kids get home from school, let them decompress for a few minutes (15 – 30 minutes).
    • After having school-aged kids for six years, I have learned that THIS is what our kids need. Your family dynamics and daily routine may be different.
    • Our kids take showers and put on clean clothes AS SOON as they walk through the door. (Sports uniforms if they have practice later that night.)
    • Benefits from this genius move: 
      • It cuts down on your family’s germ exposure from the school-aged kids being around snotty noses all day. The kids washing their hair and bodies rinses off any germs and putting on clean clothes removes another germ-filled element. (I am a germo-phob, in case you couldn’t tell).
      • It speeds up their bedtime routine later since the daily shower is already done.
      • It resets their mood after a long day at school. After a particularly long day, they take a well-deserved bath.
  • Give the kids a quick healthy snack and a drink. (This isn’t something that will spoil their appetite for dinner.)
  • The kids empty their back packs, put their lunch boxes away, pull out homework, flyers and papers for parent’s signature.

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